"Yard Job NYC" 2009 by Joseph Anastasio

This book is a companion and sequel to "Brooklyn Queens Freight", published earlier this year, also authored by
Joseph Anastasio and self-published by the underground exploration group LTV Squad. While the first book focused
on Brooklyn and Queens specifically, this one focuses more on the freight yards all over New York City. "Yard Job NYC"
has a lot more photos of freight trains and really gives you a good sense of the contemporary graffiti happening out
there right now. Lots of familiar tags and throw-ups from old school writers, plus exciting new writers and artworks.
This book is beautifully photographed and well researched, and the commentary is lively, very raunchy and funny. All
of the photos are taken illegally in dangerous places, as in the first book, so this artwork is not something regular
people, who don't go to these places, can ever get to see. We totally love both books, even though they are printed
on fairly light-weight matte paper and have to be handled with care. You wont see graffiti like this anywhere else!
Some of the language not suited for young kids!
"RackGaki : Japanese Graffiti" by Ryo Sanada & Suridh Hassan 2007

We originally bought this book looking for examples of Japanese lettering in graffiti style. It turns out that a lot of
Japanese graffiti writers use the Roman alphabet to write their names, as well as Anime & Manga characters in their

Japanese graffiti really surprised and inspired us with it's complexity and precision. The photographs in this book are
beautiful and vivid. From New York City-styled tags and throw-ups, to brilliantly original and executed masterpieces,
Japanese graffiti has a unique, innovative style that expands the boundaries of graffiti as an art form. This book
documents some of the most influential graffiti in Japan at the moment. Five stars*****. A DVD is included, but we
were able to see most of it on-line.
"All City: The book About Taking Space" by Paul 107 2003

This book shows a glimpse into graffiti's past on a multicultural level, spanning American cities such as New York and
San Francisco to abroad in Montreal and in Paris. Through interviews and pictures of die hard urban artists, " All City"
documents the art of "Getting Up" and the life styles of these street artists.
All City - The Book About Taking Space by Paul 107
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Yard Job - by Joseph Anastasio
Rackgaki - Japanese Graffiti by Ryo Sanada and Suridh Hassan - review by Graffiti Diplomacy
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Walmart being turned into a giant public library in Texas.
Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest 1-Floor Library
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