Graffiti Kanji, Goog Fortune Kanji, mixed media mirror art
Love Kanji , Graffiti Kanji
Beauty Kanji, Graffiti Kanji
Joy Kanji, Graffiti Kanji
Acrylic paint and
mirror glass on canvas
Acrylic paint and
mirror glass on canvas
Acrylic paint and
mirror glass on canvas
Acrylic paint and
mirror glass on canvas
Japanese Characters: Mixed Media Kanji Art

Chinese characters began as pictographs or ideograms and developed over many centuries into modern
forms which still contain elements of the originals. An ideogram or ideograph (from the Greek  words
("idea" + grapho "to write") is a symbol which represents an idea, like Egyptian hieroglyphics. The
Japanese people adopted Chinese characters and added other elements to form their own unique written

Both Kanji and Chinese Characters are used in many countries in different ways. There are thousands of
characters and each one is carefully designed to fit within a square frame. For these artworks, we have
reinterpreted the square shapes as rectangles.

Here's a beginning list of people we have come across in our research who have drawn interesting
Huaisu- Tang Dynasty  
Click here
Zhang Jizhi- 13th century  Click here
Xeme- contemporary graffiti  Click here
Xu Bing- contemporary. This artist's work is really fascinating  Click here
Kanji and Chinese characters are also used in an ancient art form called Calligraphy which  is traditionally
painted  with a brush and ink. Calligraphers spend a lifetime mastering the art of painting characters. A
well executed character is a highly valued art object of perfection, beauty and grace.

Click here and here for a video demonstration of Chinese water calligraphy.
Kanji is the Japanese word for Chinese characters.
Kanji represent an idea or concept, like family or tranquility. There are numerous styles or scripts in which
they can be written and you have probably seen them used as decorations, especially the symbol for Good
Fortune. You might even see one hanging on a doorway up-side down to signify that "luck has arrived".
During our research on Japanese Kanji, we came across a fascinating place called "Ryoanji Temple", or
"The Temple of the Peaceful Dragon". It is a Zen temple located in northwest Kyoto, Japan. There is a
carved stone water basin there with a fascinating inscription that translates as "I am content with what I
have".   What's interesting is that the inscription is presented as a puzzle. Read about it
click here. The
more we learn about Kanji, the more we love them.
Below are two free coloring pages from our multicultural graffiti coloring books "Melting Potty NYC 1 & 2".
"Yume" is a Japanese word that means Dream. "Arigato" means Thank You. Click on the images to enlarge,
print and then color them with magic markers, crayons or colored pencils. Set your printer on Landscape and
shrink to fit.
free graffiti coloring page -graffiti printable - graffiti cololring book
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also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles. Within hip hop culture, graffiti has evolved alongside hip hop music,
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You can create Kanji with any kind of art materials that you like. On this page we present a few examples of
the kanji we have designed. These kanji are called mixed media, meaning they are constructed from a variety
of different art materials mixed together in the same artwork.  All of our kanji are enhanced with a splash of
graffiti style. That's what makes them so exciting and special!
Popsicle stick kanji

Multicultural art activity
for kids, home
schoolers, parents and
teachers. Free project
Popsicle sticks, acrylic paint,
colored pencils on cardstock
and felt
ARIGATO graffiti Kanji
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destiny fate kanji - graffiti arts and crafts
Learn about Kanji
Plus two free coloring pages and a popsicle stick craft project.
graffiti diplomacy
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