Motivational Mandalas

Click on these drawings. A larger copy will open up which you can print and color. Make sure
your page/print set-up is on "Portrait". PDFs coming soon.
In keeping with our multicultural theme, the word Mandala means 'center' and 'circle' in Sanskrit. Mandalas
are circular designs found both in nature (example: snowflakes) and in man-made forms (example: bicycle
wheels). Mandalas are found everywhere, in all cultures throughout history, such as in Navajo Sand
Paintings and stained-glass windows of Medieval Churches. Although designs vary, mandalas have similar
characteristics: a center, surrounded by symmetrical elements arranged in a circular pattern. It is a
common belief in many societies that coloring mandalas can reduce stress and create harmony in your life.
The mandala represents wholeness and well-being, so coloring one is a great way to relax and focus your

Since graffiti art is our passion, our mandalas are constructed with graffiti letters, arranged in circular
patterns. Each design features a positive, empowering word that you can reflect on as you color in the
letter design. By combining inspirational words and ideas with the mandala concept, our goal is to provide
a creative arts project that offers a feeling of calm and peacefulness, while promoting positive thoughts.
Affirmations, such as" I HAVE COURAGE" or "I AM OPTIMISTIC, are empowering and worthwhile messages
for people of all ages to reflect on.

We are continuously amazed by the versatility of graffiti letters and are constantly discovering new ways
to utilize them in the art making process. We hope you enjoy the free sample coloring pages posted
above. We are working diligently to make them free downloadable PDF's.
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All Rights Reserved
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free printable mandalas, positive affirmations
Here is a captivating collection of sixteen unique mandala designs combining graffiti style letters with
positive words and phrases. There are 17 circular patterns to choose from and each one is printed on high
quality paper on one side only. Color these mandalas with your choice of colored pencils or fine tip magic
markers to achieve your own dazzling results. Then display your finished mandalas so you can reflect on
the positive messages and ideas contained in each design.
Graffiti Diplomacy
Gorgeous, soulful, and FUN!
By Jill D Hunter on August 4, 2013

The mandalas in this coloring book are beautiful and thought provoking. They are printed on good paper
stock that will stand up to coloring in whatever media you choose to work with: crayons, color pencils,
markers, chalks, or ink.

The mandala designs and motivational words and phrases stimulate an inner-dialog with your feelings and
allow you a chance to connect with your unconscious mind while you color. As you begin to see the whole
picture emerge with colorful and powerful energy, it takes shape as YOUR masterpiece, work that
emanates from your center of creativity. For many people who have art-blocks or art phobia, it is a
doorway back into your childhood love of doing art, and it gives you permission to enjoy it again as an
adult. Coloring can help you to reconnect with your inner child and also the children in your life!

Interacting with this artwork is relaxing and revolutionary in it's power to draw you out creatively and
emotionally while allowing for time to think and reflect. The artist is obviously very talented and intimately
familiar with the subject matter. I am excited to see more of this artists work.

Graffiti Coloring Book
If you are interested in learning how to draw your own graffiti, go to our free graffiti lessons page and
explore the wide assortment of free techniques we offer to help you create your own graffiti letters.
Check out our new book "Learn To Draw A Graffiti Master-Piece"
to learn to draw your own graffiti!!!
And "Why Write When You Can Tag" to learn to draw your own graffiti tags!
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VICTORIOUS Mandala, graffiti mandala, free coloring page
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We no longer sell this cool graffiti coloring book on, simply because it's more fun
to give it away for free! PDFs coming soon.