Graffiti Crafting # 1 - Learn How To Make A Popsicle Stick Graffiti Picket Fence
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The great thing about popsicle sticks is that they are made of real wood so they are very durable. Also called craft sticks, they can be
sanded, stained, bent, and cut to fit together into an endless variety of shapes just like wood. Popsicle sticks can inspire so much
creativity, it's just crazy. They can be purchased in different sizes: regular craft sticks and jumbo tongue depressor sticks. Add toothpicks
to the mix and the possibilities are endless.

Popsicle sticks have been around forever. They are really great for making miniature furniture for doll houses and fairy gardens. You can
build a bridge or make a treasure box. But what can you do with popsicle sticks that is new and exciting? Leave it to Graffiti Diplomacy to
come up with the answer. Check out these awesome popsicle stick graffiti picket fences below, then follow the directions to make your own
picket fence. You can turn your graffiti artwork into a usable three-dimensional object - and it's perfectly legal. Clkick on images to enlarge.
How to build a popsicle stick fence, Popsicle-stick art
Learn how to make art with leftover popsicle sticks.
Things you can make with popsicle sticks, and Graffiti
We love making things with popsicle sticks! They can be cut, glued or taped together to create all sorts of useful objects and cool gifts.
Popsicle stick projects are inexpensive, easy to do and don't take a lot of time. With some white glue, a bit of paint, and your imagination
you are ready to go.
Want to make your own graffiti picket fence? Follow the instructions below!
"A wall where no one can complain about tagging"...
Urban Blight #1 - CRANK
Urban Blight #3 - SIN
Urban Blight #2 - ROTEN
Made by gluing together popsicle sticks, this 3D model picket fence is the perfect craft for kids to make.
how to build a popsicle stick fence
STEP 1. Use a ruler and
make marks on the stick
3/4" apart. Leave off the
rounded tips. There
should be five equal parts
on the stick. Do the same
thing on a second stick.
STEP 8. Glue pieces of sticks on the
front and back to look like old
planks. Add more boulders on the
side. Make a pile of twigs on the
other side to look like logs.
STEP 1. Use 5 popsicle sticks. Make
sure they are straight and lay flat.
STEP 4. Glue 5 pieces together in a
stack. Make two stacks.
STEP 1. Lay 12 sticks vertically next to
each other and glue two more sticks
horizontally across them. The
horizontal sticks should be at least
3/4" from the egdes. This is the fence.
STEP 2. Cut the stick apart on the
lines with a wire cutter or have an
adult cut it for you.
STEP 2. Glue the sticks together in a
STEP 6. Glue the two stacks between
two whole popsicle sticks near the
ends. This is the fence foundation.
STEP 2. When the fence is dry glue it
to the foundation. Hold it until it stays
put. Make sure it's straight. You can
wrap some masking tape around it to
hold it in place until it dries if you like.
STEP 3. Discard the rounded tips.
Sand the edges of the rectangular
pieces on a piece of sand paper, so
there are no sharp edges.
STEP 7. Glue the finished foundation  
onto the base. When it is thoroughly dry
you are ready to start building your fence.
STEP 3. This is the back of the fence.
STEP 3. Make sure they are exactly
one on top of another. Let them dry.
This is the fence foundation.
STEP 6. This is the front of the fence.
Add broken sticks leaning against the
side of the fence. Sand sharp edges.
STEP 4. Glue some small pebbles on
the back to look like boulders behind
the fence.
STEP 9. Soak small pieces of
newspaper with glue. Scrunch them up
and place them around the boulders to
look like piles of dirt and earth.
STEP 5. Glue them on or near the
bottom foundation stick to provide
added support to the fence. Like this...
STEP 10. Add more broken bits and
make your fence look really beaten up
and grungy. Use sandpaper to smooth
any sharp edges so you don't get
splinters. Be careful and work safely.
STEP 11. When all the glue is dry paint
the model with Mod Podge or Molding
Paste. This will help to hold all of the
little pieces and parts together.
STEP 5. Make sure they are evenly
stacked. Let them dry. Each stack
should look like this.
STEP 4. Glue foundation to base. Leave
more room in front of the foundation  
and less room behind. Let it dry and you
are ready to build your fence.
STEP 7. Modify the fence by breaking off
pieces anywhere you want. Add boulders
and more sticks in the front. You may
need to pry the fence sticks off and
replace one or two with a stick that is
already broken. Be careful of sharp edges.
STEP 12. When both the glue and the
Mod Podge become clear you are ready
to paint. You made need to let the
model dry overnight.
What you will need:

  • 20 popsicle sticks  (You can use jumbo craft sticks, too. They will make a much bigger fence)
  • white school glue
  • acrylic paints
  • Modge Podge or molding paste
  • piece of wood for base: approx. 2" wide x 7" long - if you don't have a piece of wood, you can
    cut 3 pieces of cardboard the same size and glue them together to make a firm base
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • varnish
  • pebbles
  • twigs
  • sand paper
  • wire cutter optional
  • a piece of newspaper
PREPARATION - Option #1 - Use 5 whole popsicle sticks - Easier and less steps
PREPARATION - Option #2 - Cut two popsicle sticks into pieces - More complicated and more steps
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This is your finished
model, dry and ready to
paint. Go to Page 2 to see
instructions for painting
and tagging.

Urban Blight - WOW
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