"Dondi White: Style Master General" by Andrew "Zephyr" Witten & Michael White 2001

This is a beautiful, intimate  book about the life and art of graffiti artist Dondi White. Dondi was a Brooklyn writer, king
in his East New York neighborhood who became king of the whole city. From subway paintings in New York to
museums and galleries worldwide, Dondi was an extraordinary artist and style master who helped establish graffiti as a
legitimate, contemporary art form. Many finished train paintings are shown, along with the amazing, original working
sketches from Dondi's blackbooks. Also included are many of his later paintings on canvas, as well as drawings and
collages which highlight his unique draftsmanship and talent. The book contains interviews, photographs and
fascinating details of the history of graffiti in New York, and illustrates Dondi's important influence on the art form. It is
printed on top quality paper. This book is absolutely a collector's item and a must have for any student of graffiti art.
This is definitely one of our favorite books.
"PieceBook: The Secret Drawings Of Graffiti Writers" by Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente

"Piecebook: The Secret Drawings Of Graffiti Writers" has successfully put together a who's who of  writers, and gives
you an inside look at the world of graffiti through the eyes of NYC street artists. This imitation, old school blackbook is
a compilation of incredibly authentic and realistic drawings from the 1970's to 2000, presented as they were originally
created: you'd swear you could feel the groves in the paper left by the pens and pencils used to draw them. There are
even blank pages in case you get inspired to include your own artwork with that of the great masters. We highly
recommend this book to any artist or enthusiast who likes "masterpieces". This book is an  outstanding piece of
history, and if you are a student of this art form, you will learn invaluable lessons from this book and it's follow-up
"Piecebook Reloaded". The follow-up book is also terrific and is organized much better, but that's a small issue. We
totally love this book and consider it essential for a good graffiti library..
"Spraycan Art (Street Graphics/Street Art)" by Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff 1987

This book on graffiti is more like a graffiti historical document from the mid 1970s to the 1980s. This pictorial display
along with excerpts and interviews with these graffiti innovators are rare and exciting. This book is multicultural and
spans Europe and many of the major cities of America. We consider this a necessary tool for any of todays artists.
"New York City Black Book Masters" by Alain " Ket" Mariduena 2009

This book is a beautiful visual diary into the inner thoughts and personal works of some of the world's greatest graffiti
writers. Many of these drawings never made it to the wall but acted as a springboard for fully realized pieces. Many  
were used in part or to give direction to pieces that became finished works. This book is printed on fine magazine paper
and is a treat to the eye. It gives you real insight into the importance of a graffiti writer's sketchbook and the planning
and skill needed to be successful in this artform. We highly recommend this book and refer to it constantly for ideas.
Another must-have book for students.
"Mesh's Book Of Style" by King Mesh One 2005

This is a fascinating little paperback book published by graffiti artist King Mesh One, which you can order from "Cafe
Press". It contains 100 pages of images with absolutely no text. Mesh explores his name with graffiti letters in a
dizzying variety of styles. Each page is a surprise and a "treasure trove of information". By studying this small book,
we learned that graffiti letterforms are actually very fluid and intuitive, not stiff and graphed and measured, as we
originally thought. Mesh's drawings are a perfect example of the graffiti concept of "flow". We really love this book and
refer to it constantly for ideas. We are grateful to Mesh for making this valuable resource available. (Can't be
purchased at Amazon and doesn't have an ISBN.)
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ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire.[2] In modern times, paint (particularly spray paint) and marker pens have
become the most commonly used graffiti materials. In most countries, marking or painting property without the property owner's consent is considered defacement and vandalism,
which is a punishable crime. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles.
Within hip hop culture, graffiti has evolved alongside hip hop music, b-boying, and other elements.[3] Unrelated to hip-hop graffiti, gangs use their own form of graffiti to mark
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Flip The Script
Subway Art
“There is no friend as loyal
as a book.”

― Ernest Hemingway
"Graffiti Kings: New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970's" by Jack Stewart 2009

This amazing book is based on the doctoral thesis of artist and historian, Jack Stewart. It documents the early
development of graffiti on the subways of New York, and examines it's distinguishable characteristics and emerging
styles. It clearly demonstrates where the many common motifs found in today's graffiti, such as arrows, 3-D and
clouds, originated from.

The book combines 275 full color, previously unpublished photographs with personal interviews of graffiti writers and
newspaper articles of the time. The text is well researched, very informative and entertaining. This book is a celebration
of graffiti's golden age in the 1970's and fills in a lot of early history. It is beautiful, very well made and is a
must have
for anyone serious about understanding how the graffiti art form has developed to where it is today. We love this
"Brooklyn Queens Freight" 2009 by Joseph Anastasio

This book is not like any other graffiti book we've seen. This book is raw magic for serious graffiti lovers. It is a
photographic documentation of the graffiti art seen along the freight tracks winding through Brooklyn and Queens in
New York City. The author, Joseph Anastasio, is a member of the LTV Squad, an urban exploration group based in
NYC. These are individuals who literally explore places that are legally off-limits to regular, sane people, like subway
tunnels and abandoned buildings. This book is self-published by LTV Press.
Some of the language is not suited for
young kids!

Naturally, the freight tracks, trains and yards pictured in this book are all on private property, and that makes both the
photographs and the graffiti in them illegal. This is art the general public rarely sees (except for the section on the
N-Line in Brooklyn), graffiti done for the pure love of doing it. The colors in this book are vibrant and sharp, the text is
informative, the commentary is hilarious and not meant for kids, the topic is well covered, but the pages are printed on
light-weight, matte paper and the spine of the book is too fragile and has to be handled with care. This is not a fancy
coffee-table book. The book is divided into routes and yards with a historical section in the back. We love this book and
consider it a collector's item. If you want to see 100% real, contemporary NYC freight train graffiti, get this book. If
you don't like foul language, NYC style, this book is definitely not for you!
"The Birth of Graffiti" by Jon Naar -  2007

This book is a revised edition of Jon Naar’s masterful work  “The Faith of Graffiti”, which was first published in 1974.
Included in this updated edition are the 40 original photographs, plus over one hundred additional never-before-
published pictures, with historically insightful essays by Sacha Jenkins and Jon Naar.
The book has virtually no text , but the photos themselves speak volumes about what it was like living in New York City
in the 1970’s. We love the old cars, fashions and hairstyles, but most of all we love the way these photos capture the
light and atmosphere of that particular era. We remember well the energetic and colorful scribbles that covered almost
every surface around us here in the city. This book is a trip back through time. The book is beautifully constructed,
printed on high quality paper and the images are sharp and clear.
"The Birth of Graffiti” captures the exciting and harsh urban environment where the innovators and pioneers of graffiti
lived and developed their craft, and demonstrates the continuing impact these early writers have had on all aspects of
our contemporary culture.
Dondi White - Style Master General
Piecebook - review by Graffiti Diplomacy
Spraycan Art
New York City Blackbook Masters
Mesh's Book of Style
Graffiti Kings
Brooklyn Queens Freight
The Birth of Graffiti
"Gates Of Graffiti" by Torkel Sjostrand (Editor) , Malcolm Jacobson (Editor) 2007
Coming soon! We finally got around to studying this book closely and it is amazing.
Gates of Graffiti by Torkel Sjostrand and Malcolm Jacobson
graffiti diplomacy
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