DANKE - German Graffiti
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"DANKE" means Thank You - German Graffiti
Bubbe graffiti - Yiddish graffiti, Multicultural Coloring page, Graffiti Diplomacy
"BUBBE" means Grandmother - Yiddish Graffiti
Spanish Graffiti,multicultural coloring page for kids
"UNA OBRA DE ARTE" means A Work Of Art -
Spanish Graffiti
free printable graffiti coloring page,multicultural artt for kids
The Truth Shall Set You Free - Latin Graffiti
multicultural coloring page, Arigato, Japanese Graffiti, Graffiti Diplomacy
"ARIGATO" means Thank You - Japanese Graffiti
PAZ Graffiti - Paz means peace - Spanish graffiti,free printable for kids
"PAZ" means Peace - Spanish Graffiti
Kibbitz graffiti - Yiddish Graffiti
"KIBBITZ" means To Chat, Tease, or Give Advice -
Yiddish Graffiti
Karma Graffiti - Sanskrit graffiti
"KARMA" - Sanskrit Graffiti
free graffiti coloring page
"DOLCE VITA" means Sweet Life - Italian
Amigo graffiti - Spanish graffiti,free printable for kids
"AMIGO" means Friend - Spanish Graffiti
"Ni Hao' means Hello - Chinese Graffiti
Nin Hao means hello inj Chinese - Chinese Graffiti
Russian Graffiti, Graffiti Coloring page
"UDACHI" means Good Luck - Russian Graffiti
Gnostic graffiti - Gnosis- Greek Graffiti
"GNOSIS" means Knowledge - Greek Graffiti
"Melting Potty NYC:
Volume 2"
Multicultural Graffiti
Coloring Book
 Multicultural Graffiti Coloring Book
Latin Graffiti, Bona Fide Graffiti,multicultural graffiti, free printable
"BONA FIDE" means Genuine or real - Latin Graffiti
multicultural coloring book, NYC

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Sorry it's so obnoxious,
but you should have seen
it before we toned it down.
Graffiti Diplomacy strikes again.

This multicultural coloring book features
words and phrases in 10 different
languages typically heard on the streets of
NYC (or in our apartment building). Color
these illustrations with magic markers,
crayons, colored pencils, or a combination
of all three.

Fun for the whole family!
Vox Populi graffiti - Latin graffiti, Voice of the People,free printable
"VOX POPULI" means Voice of the People -
Latin Grafiti
Graffiti Diplomacy strikes again with another volume in our ongoing series of multicultural graffiti
coloring books. This exciting new edition features a collection of words heard everyday on the
streets of New York City. If you like to color, love graffiti and enjoy learning new words, you’ll really
love this book. Click on the images or buttons below to print for a free PDF or a JPEG.
Volume 3 could be unleashed
this summer!
(unleashed - get it? dog joke.)
Introduction to MELTING POTTY NYC- VOLUME 2:

Are New Yorkers rude? You betcha! Are we irritable and impatient? Yup! Does a New Yorker smile at a stranger on the street and say “Good
morning”? Never happen. Is New York City dirty, smelly and rotten in the summertime, with too many dogs doing you-know-what on you-know-
where? Don’t even ask! Is there graffiti scribbled all over everything in a big tangled mess of names and cryptic messages? What can we say? Yes,
yes, yes to all of the above!

So, what is so great about New York City and why do we love it so much? And why do people flock from all over the world to visit and live here?
We’ll tell you why! Because it is an amazing place. The kind of place that makes your heart skip a beat as the airplane you are arriving on flies over
Long Island Sound on it’s approach to JFK, or the bus you are riding in pulls out of the Lincoln Tunnel and makes it’s way along 8th Avenue to the
Port Authority Terminal. New York City is vibrant and alive. It’s raw and real, although a little stressful at times. Okay, a lot stressful.

Here are some features that make New York City uber special:

•        Uptown Manhattan is expensive, elegant and classy.
•        Chelsea is artsy and the city’s numerous museums are magnificent.
•        Brooklyn has GREAT pizza.
•        The Staten Island ferry is a blast.
•        The food in Chinatown is delicious and you can buy cool paper lanterns.

Most importantly New York City is all about the people who live here. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, you are welcome in our city.
New York is a place where being different is a good thing. We want interesting people with different cultures to live here. Bring your exotic, foreign
food - we like to try new dishes. Wear your interesting clothes – we love all kinds of fashion. Walk your strange looking dogs – we are pet friendly.
Talk to us in broken English - we like your strange languages that sound foreign to our ears – it’s an opportunity to learn new words. Basically we
like everything about you and want you to be a part of our communities. Why? Because we’re New Yorkers, that’s why. And that’s just the way we
roll. All we ask is that you live beside us in peace, don’t play loud music, and don’t take our stuff.

This multicultural coloring book is presented to you as a symbol of our ongoing love affair with this crazy, crowded, diverse, urban playground of a
city. It is chock full of words and phrases in different languages that you might hear on the streets of New York. So pull out your colored pencils,
magic markers or crayons and spend a quiet afternoon coloring these pages with friends, family, students, or just by yourself. They are fun for
people of all ages. Hang them up when you are done. Along the way you’ll experience what it is about New York City that makes it so special. We
have recently been told that New York City is no longer a melting pot, now it’s a salad bowl. Yeah, right! Try living here in the summer without air-
conditioning. Oiy vay, talk about
melting! Yup, New York City is a MELTING POTTY for sure!
Oh, and one more thing. If you do live here, PLEASE clean up after your dog!
It's so much more fun to give this
book away for free, so we no
longer sell it on Amazon.com. Just
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share with everyone you know!
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