Graffiti Crafting # 2 - Learn To Make A Popsicle Stick Graffiti Picket Fence
crafts for kids, popsicle stick graffiti, graffiti arts and crafts, art lesson for teachers
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STEP 13. Paint the entire model with a
base coat of thin, watery white primer.
The white primer will make your colors
bright and help the actylic paint stick to
the base. Let it dry.
STEP 14. Paint the model with acylic
paints. Make the boulders grey, the
grass green, the logs brown, etc...

Or make them crazy bright colors.
Basically paint the model anyway you
STEP 16. When the brown paint is dry,
genty sand the fence. Rub off the brown
paint unevenly, letting the wood popsicle
sticks show through in several places.
STEP 15. To acheive a weathered, old
fence look, paint the fence with a watery
coat of brown paint. We prefer to use
Burnt Umber, but you can use any shade
of brown paint that you have on hand.
Paint the front and the back. Paint the
broken pieces leaning on the side.
Follow the instructions below to paint and finish your model
crafts for kids, graffit arts and crafts, popsicle stick graffiti, art lesson for teachers
STEP 17. This is how the model looks
when it is sanded. It has a nice,
weathered look. If you want it darker
paint it and sand it again.
STEP 18. If you want it to look even more
old, dirty and weathered paint it with a
thin, watery coat of black paint. Sand it
again when it's dry. Scrape off small areas
of paint with the tip of a dull scissors.
STEP 20. When the white is dry you can
a draw a tag on the fence with a #2
pencil. Look on the internet for tag ideas
or make one up. Tag up the fence
however you want.
STEP 19. Next paint the fence any color
that you wish. The more watery and
diluted the paint is the more the black
and brown will show through. Add a coat
of watery white paint on top to lighten it.
STEP 21. Paint your tag with black or white
paint. Or write it with a black magic marker.
Your choice. Add extra scribbles in other
colors all around the fence to make it look
like an old, tagged up fence.
STEP 22. Here's the beauty of working
with real wood popsicle sticks. You can
repaint, sand, scrap and repaint  the
fence as many times as you like. Our
fence looked way too dark, so we added
another coat of white paint. Then we
added a brighter coat of red paint. Then
more sanding and another coat of
watery bright red. See the difference?!
popsicle stick graffiti, graffiti arts and crafts, crafts for kids, art lesson for teachers
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"These models are great! It's a cool way to tag a wall that no one can complain about".
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STEP 23. Repaint your tag with black or white paint.
Add extra scribbles in other colors all around the fence
to make it look really busy. When it looks finished paint
on a coat of varnish. Varnish the front and back, rocks
and other details.
Well, that was a lot of steps and it took two days to complete. But the end result is worth it. We really
love the way this picket fence looks. Next we are thinking of doing one that is three times as long and
has loads of graffiti tags on it. Scout around the internet and find interesting tags that you might like to
try out on your own fence or just create an original tag. The possibilities are endless when it comes to
blending graffiti art and popsicle sticks. Watch this space for the next cool graffiti crafting project that we
have yet to invent. Send us pictures of your fences and we will post them on our Community Wall. We
hope you enjoyed this crazy graffiti craft project! Let us know if you liked it.
graffiti diplomacy
If you are interested in learning how to draw your own graffiti, go to our graffiti lessons page and
explore the wide assortment of free techniques we offer to help you create your own graffiti letters.
While these are only a small sampling of our letter-building techniques, we hope you enjoy these free
drawing lessons and find them helpful.
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