SIMPLES VS. WILDSTYLE: Letter Progression
Simples - Graffiti letters
WildStyle is defined in the Urban Dictionary as a graffiti style involving complex, interlocking
letters with arrows, link-ups and other flourishes. Wildstyle is the stuff you absolutely can't
read unless you have studied it or know the writer who did it.

Here's a perfect example of WildStyle by graffiti writer
Meres One, who is a master of this
technique. The secret behind this kind of complicated writing is this: no matter how much you
deconstruct, break apart or transform a letter, the structure of the letter has to remain intact.
In other words, an "A" still looks like an "A" and so on. Look very carefully and you will be
able to make out the letters "M-E-R-E-S". It's not easy. Learning to read this kind of
complicated wildstyle takes some practice. It is like a secret code.
Wildstyle Graffiti Letters

One technique for modifying letters is called Letter Progression.
Letter Progression is a technique in which a letter is altered and transformed step-by-step from
a simple letter into a wildstyle letter.  Click on this link
Once you understand the process of letter modification, you can begin to design your own
wildstyle letters. Click on the links below to see some of our free lessons and handouts.

How To Build A WildStyle Letter "H"
How To Build A WildStyle Letter "L"
Building A Graffiti Letter "S" With Bars
How To Build A Wildstyle Letter "N"
Letter Structure: How To Bend Bars "W"
Here's a link
to her website

Indie 184
As you can see, that there is a big difference between Simple Letters and WildStyle Letters.
Changing a letter from one form into another is called
Letter Modification.
Check out his
website here
5 Pointz:
The essence of the graffiti artform is to take a simple, basic letter and modify into a more
complex form.

Simples are letters that are easy to read, like Straight letters and Bubble letters.
Indie 184 and Seen are two examples of graffiti writers
who work with Simple letters.

Here's a beautiful piece by
Indie 184 using Simples:
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