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How to draw a Tag Letter - Tag Drawing Lesson # 1
The diagrams below show the progression of a basic Roman letter "A" modified into a tag letter. Try this
exercise yourself. You can use a pen, magic marker, pencil, crayon or a brush with ink. Start out by drawing a
basic ”A”. Then draw it again, but change it just a little. Draw it over and over. Each time you draw the letter
think about the feeling you want it to express. Use large, sweeping movements, or sharp angular strokes.
Lean the letter a bit to the right or left. Exaggerate the lines. With time you will begin to notice that your
writing starts to flow from your pen. Add little flourishes to the ends of your strokes. Bend the lines if you
like. Draw it with your eyes closed. You can do this exercise with as many steps as you want - we just showed
you five steps to demonstrate the process. There is no right or wrong way to draw a tag letter, so feel free to
invent your tag letter "A" anyway you want. Below is just one possible variation. If you want to see some
traditional tag letter styles for direction go to
Tag Lesson #2.
Graffiti tagging is an artistic style of writing, similar to Calligraphy. The definition of Calligraphy is decorative
handwriting or handwritten lettering. So tag writing is simply a handwritten, artistic style of writing.

What is a tag? A tag is a nickname that you choose for yourself. It can be anything: your initials, your favorite
color, your middle name, your initials
plus a number that you like, an abbreviation of a word, something you like
about yourself, such as P
oet, or a word that describes you, such as Tiny. Important elements to keep in mind are
how long your tag name is (five letters or less is best) and how the letters look and sound together when written.
You can add quotation and exclamation marks, a star, a heart, a halo, an arrow, an underline, or a simple character.
We hope you find this useful.
Please try it out for yourself
and let us know what you think.
Draw a basic letter "A".
Redraw the letter again.
Use sweeping
movements as you
draw. Lean the letter
over more. Really
exaggerate all the
strokes. Draw it as
many times as you want
until it starts to flow
from your pen. This is
your finished tag letter.
Continue to redraw the
letter. Make the
extension on the
bottom, left longer.
Make the crossbar wider.
Flair out the bottom
right stroke more. Draw
the letter quickly and try
to exaggerate the lines.
Redraw the letter. Only
this time lean the letter
slightly and flair out the
bottom, right stroke. You
can trace the letter on a
clean sheet of paper if you
like. Just be sure to
change it a little.
Draw it again. Add a
small extension (serif) on
the bottom, left stroke.
Curve the crossbar
how to draw a tag letter, graphic art, art book
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Tag Lesson Drawing, Helpful tips on graffiti tagging, Graffiti Diplomacy
The ultimate goal of the graffiti tag writer is to develop a tag that has style. To
style a tag is drawn quickly, over and over many times, to give the
letters a feeling of movement and energy. The more you draw the tag letters,
the smoother and more effortless your lines will feel (the letters will start to
flow), and the more stylish your letters will become. This is the essence of

To create your own tag, start out with basic Roman letters from A- Z. Or use
another language. Tagging works in all languages. As you draw the letters,
think about the feelings you want your tag to express. Use large, sweeping
movements, or sharp angular strokes. Draw it over and over and over. See
how the letters combine. Be experimental. Lean the letters a bit to the right or
left. With time you will begin to notice that your writing starts to flow from
your pen. Keep drawing the tag until you find a design that looks good. When
you find it, practice drawing it as many times as you want. When you can draw
it quickly and effortlessly, that is your new graffiti tag!
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