Adding Extra Elements To a Tag - Tag Drawing Lesson # 6
BRISK Tag - Photographed in New York City
Adding elements to your tag will really jazz it up and make it eye-catching. You can use any kind of elements
that you like. Symbols, numbers, simple characters, or just an underline with an arrow at the end can do the
job nicely. Some tags even have word extensions added to the end, such as
ism, er, or one. A few of the
most popular elements that graffiti writers add to their tags are pictured below.
This ESCO tag was photographed in New York City. The tag is shown before the elements were
added, and after. What a difference a few extra elements can make!
Just letters without elements - ho hum...
Letters with elements - What a difference!
Same thing with this INSANE tag. First without elements, then with elements added. Big
difference. This tag was also photographed in New York City.
Just letters without elements...
Letters with elements...
Sometimes a tag is perfect just as it is with only letters. After all, tagging originally began
with kids writing their names. So if you feel like your tag is looking finished with just the
letters of your name, keep it that way; sometimes less is more. But, if you think your tag
needs something else to give it that little bit of extra pizazz to make it exceptional,
experiment with adding different elements to see what looks good and what works.
CHAOS Tag - New York City
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