Drawing Drippy Tags - Tag Drawing Lesson # 8
angular with sharp edges. We recommend that you print this alphabet, then copy or
trace it at least four or five times. Free PDF and JPEG links are underneath the
picture on the bottom right. Use any kind of writing tool that you want: a magic
marker, a pen, or a crayon. The easiest way to trace this drawing is to cover it with a
piece of thin copy paper or tracing paper through which the letters are visible. You
also have the option of just copying the letters by eye. Place the page to the left or
right of the paper you are drawing on and copy the letters as accurately as possible.
Either way will work fine.

Continue to draw the letters again and again. Number the pages as you go in the top
left-hand corner of each page so you can keep track of your progress. Don’t be
concerned with how your letters look, just draw them. When you are finished spread
your sketches out on a table and compare them. Your letters on Page 1 will probably
look a little shaky. That’s to be expected. By Page 5, however,  you will notice that
your letters begin to look more steady and your lines are more confident. Try to relax
the muscles in your hand and arm as you draw. Some of you will get tired right away,
and some of you will draw and draw until your hand gets cramped. Everybody is
different. The object of this exercise is to teach you about the structure of tag letters.
The thing that is important here is that you draw the letters enough times that you
start to memorize them. They should start to flow from your pen and feel rhythmic.
Some people say it helps to listen to music while you draw.

The secret to graffiti tagging is repetition, so draw these letters as many times as you
can. You don’t have to do it all in one sitting. If there is a particular letter that you find
really interesting or challenging, do a whole page with just that one letter. Make any
changes to our sample alphabet that you want. Don’t worry about copying it exactly.
Just get familiar with the particular lines and shapes of each letter and the hand
movements used to draw them.
graffiti tag alphabet, back-slanted letters, graffiti font. style writing,graphic art
The secret to graffiti tagging is repetition, so draw these letters as many times as you can.
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Why Write When You Can Tag!
graffiti tag letter drawing exercise, style writing, graffiti tag letters, graphic art
A little shaky at first, but it will get better with practice
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