Why Teach Graffiti
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Here are 6 Reasons to Teach Graffiti in Your Art Room

Reason #2. Graffiti Is Academic

Graffiti is a combination of imagery and text. Usually, the text is a “code name,” or a unique aspect of
the individual’s identity. Students can create and design their own code name to represent an aspect of
their own identity. The compositions students create incorporate imagery demonstrating their
understanding of symbolism, metaphor, and artistic conventions.

Reason #5. Graffiti Incorporates Artistic Conventions

The three elements of graffiti are direct parallels to the first three elements of art. In graffiti, works
evolve as tags, throws, and pieces. These are in direct correlation to line, shape, and form. The study of
graffiti lettering can provide students access to artistic concepts. One-point perspective, overlap, and
depth in space are natural conventions used in graffiti. Drawing techniques are used to design the
imagery in each piece. Color theory is demonstrated through studying the color wheel and applying
various color combinations. Gradation is another convention often studied and practiced by graffiti

Reason#6. Graffiti is Everywhere

Graffiti art provides endless exemplars for students to study. Examples are abundant on local, state,
national, and global levels. Students who have more exposure to graffiti culture can also become
resident artists and experts. That kind of acknowledgment can provide the most struggling students
with a positive, academic connection to school.

In Case You’re On The Fence

A powerful art program challenges students to think about what they believe and what they have to
say to the world. Many students can disengage with the curriculum when art education only provides
“high art” exemplars that are often disconnected from their lives. The study of graffiti validates the
lives of young people who tend to favor this aesthetic and tradition. Our students can all benefit from
engaging in graffiti-inspired curricula.

The Art Of Education

Why You Need to Teach Graffiti in Your Art Room by Matt Christenson

Graffiti-inspired curricula can engage, motivate, and advance every
student. Whether you teach in a rural community or bustling city scene,
bringing graffiti into the classroom can transform students into artists.
Matt Christenson  is a high school visual arts and mural design teacher in San Francisco, CA who strives
to cultivate maximum creative potential in all students.
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