How To Create WildStyle Graffiti Letters
Bending Bars Using Cutouts
Step 1. Take 2 or 3 sheets of  8 1/2" x 11" card
stock. Draw several horizontal lines that are
different widths. Make them from
1" to 2 1/2 " wide. Cut them out. There are no
set rules, just make a few strips of different
sizes. Here's a diagram to give you an idea what
we mean.
Learn how to draw wildstyle letters - free art lesson
Step 2. Now cut the strips into different lengths.
Again there are no set rules, just make them a
few different lengths. Here's a diagram to give
you an example.
Learn how to draw wildstyle - free art lesson
Step 3. Take another blank sheet of card stock
and cut out some triangles.
These will be the tops for your arrows.
Learn how to draw wildstyle -free graffiti art lesson
Step 4. Take some paper fasteners and attach
the strips end to end. Make some that are 2
pieces long and some that are 3 pieces long,
etc...  Attach different lengths together. Here's a
photo of the fasteners and some strips attached
end to end to create joints. Make a whole bunch
of these, with big strips attached to little strips,
etc...Leave some single strips. There is no exact
rule, just make them up as you go.
This is a great exercise to help you understand bar bending. You will need a few sheets of card stock and
some paper fasteners. This exercise is really helpful for people who need to actually bend real bars in order
to understand the concept. Easy-to-follow instructions that will teach you to draw great Wildstyle graffiti
letters. The key to drawing graffiti is bending the bars of letters.
Learn how to draw wildstyle graffiti letters - free drawing lesson
Step 5. Now, take a few of the strips and form
them into the letter "A", like we did in this
diagram (#1).
Then bend the strips at the joints to modify the
letter. Bend them any way that you like. Try it a
few different ways, as we did in #2, #3, and #4.
Remember to always keep the structure of the
"A" the same, so that you can see it is still an "A".
Learn how to draw wildstyle letters  -  graffiti lessons
#6 in the diagram above shows you how the letter
would look if you were to draw just the outline.
There are an infinite number of variations you can
try, following the same basic method. You can try
this with all the letters of the alphabet. It works
really well to help you understand the concept of
bending bars to create WildStyle letters.
Here's a finished example with the
letter "D". Click on the image to
enlarge and print a free hand -out.
Step 1. Form a "D".
Step 2. Bend bars.
Step 3. Add extensions and arrows.
Step 4. Draw the outline.
Step 5. Fatten it up.
Step 6. Add 3-D and color it in.
how to create wildstyle letters - bending bars using cutouts
After you've experimented with a few variations,  
pick any one that you like and add a couple of
single strips to form extensions off of the ends
and sides of the bars (see #5). Add a triangle to
form an arrow. Add some bits.  Your letter will
begin to look like a Wildstyle graffiti letter. Look
at examples on the web for ideas. That's what
we do.
Simple to follow step-by-step instructions so that anyone can learn to draw graffiti.
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