Nudnik - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffiti Art, Graffiti Diplomacy
Shalom means Peace - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffiti Diplomacy
Yiddish Graffiti
"Annoying Person"
"Decent person"
Bashert - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffiti Art, Graffiti Diplomacy
Abi Gezunt - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffiti Art,
Mazeltov - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffiti Art, Graffiti Diplomacy
"Soulmate, My Beloved"
"Kiss My Butt"
"As Long As You're Healthy"
Yiddish is an Eastern European dialect made up of several different languages: German and Russian  and
Hebrew, etc. Word spellings in English are subjective, which is why you may spell some words differently
than we do. There is a lot of humour in Yiddish, some of it very unusual. For example, "Zol ze vaksen vi
a tsibele mit dem kopin dred" means "Grow like an onion with your head in the ground". The meaning of
that phrase made sense to our parents and grandparents, but we don't know what it means exactly.
Nevertheless, it sounds really funny and we heard it all the time when we were kids.

Yiddish is an intelligent language, full of folksy wisdom from the old country in Europe. Many of the
villages where Yiddish was spoken disappeared a long time ago in World War ll. We love Yiddish and hope
we can contribute to keeping this fascinating language alive through our unique artwork. We think
Yiddish and Graffiti are a perfect combination and this collection is a work in progress. You don't have to
be Jewish to use Yiddish expressions, you just  need to have a good sense of humour (and a little bit of
a Jewish accent)
. Oiy vay!
Abi gezunt - as long as you're healthy!

Ain fleish - one flesh.

Alivay - it should only happen!

Alter kocker - an old man.

Babka - coffee  cake-style pastry.

Balebusta - very capable homemaker.

Bashert - soulmate or destiny.

Batampte - tasty, delicious.

Bissel - a little bit.

Boychik - young boy.

Bubbameisse - old wives' tale.

Bubbe - grandmother.

Bupkes - nothing.

Challah - ceremonial egg bread.

Chavver - friend.

Chrain - horseradish.

Chutzpa - nerve.

Deigeh nisht! - Don't worry!

Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht - Man
plans and God laughs.

Dreck - crap.

Es gefelt mir - I like it.

Ess Gesunt - eat in good health.

Fercockt - all screwed up.

Fardinen a mitzveh - earn a blessing by

Frum- observant of Jewish law.

Gai schlofen - go to sleep.

Gelt - money.

Glick - luck.

Gonef - thief.

Goy - non-jew.

Hamish - informal, comfortable, friendly.

Hok a chainik - what my mother said I

was doing all the time- nagging.

Keppe - head or forehead.

Klutz - a clumsy person.

Kibbitz - tease, joke around.

Kinder - children.

Kishkas - belly, guts (what my mother
always said I was tearing out of her).
Kish mir in tuches - kiss my butt.

Kvell - to beam with pride.

Kvetch - a complainer.

Le'chaim - to life.

Loch in kop - literally a hole in the head.

Meeskait - ugly.

Mentsh - a decent person.Meshuga - crazy.

Mishpocha - family.

Mitzvah - good deed.

Nachas - pride.

Nu - what?

Ongepotchket - messed up, thrown together.

Oy vey - Oh my!

Oy gevalt - Oh no!

Potchket - to fool around or mess up.

Pupik - belly button.

Plotz - to burst, as with strong emotion.

Punim - face.

Schnorrer - beggar.

Shalom - hello, peace.

Shayna maidel - pretty girl.

Shmatta - a rag.

Shmooze - chat up.

Shmutz - dirt.

Shpilkes - pins and needles.

Shtik - routine, act.

Shtup - to screw.

Shvitz - sweat.

Tanta - aunt.

Tatellah - little one.

Tchotchka - a knick-knack.

Treyf - non-kosher.

Tsurris - trouble.

Tummel - noise, chaos.

Vance - a pest.

Verclempt - all choked up.

Yenta - a busybody or gossip.

Zaftig- plump, juicy.

Zie gezunt - be well!
Shayna Maidel - Yiddish Graffiti, Art, Graffiti Diplomacy
"Beautiful Girl"
This Yiddish themed artwork is created in loving memory of
Morton & Elaine London and Rita & Morris Sultan. RIP.
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Below are some more samples of our Yiddish Graffiti artwork. As you can see we love Yiddish!!!
Kiss Mir In Tuches - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffity Art, Graffiti Diplomacy
Mentsh - Yiddish Graffiti - Graffiti Art
"Nerve" or "Courage"
Yiddish Graffiti, Klutz, Graffiti Diplomacy
"Clumsy Person"
Fercockt - Fercockt, Yiddish Graffiti, Graffiti Diplomacy
"All Screwed Up"
Yiddish Graffity Art, CHUTZPAH, Graffiti Diplomacy
Yiddish Graffitty, Graffiti Diplomacy, Call Me Pisher
"Call Me Crazy"
Bubbe means grandmother - Yiddish graffiti, Graffiti Diplomacy
"BUBBE" means Grandmother in Yiddish
"SHALOM" means Hello and Peace in Yiddish
At the bottom of this page you will find a Yiddish Glossary
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"Look Mom. I can speak Yiddish"
I'm sorry, I just had to do it.
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